2 Russian beauties punished in the woods

November 29th, 2012

2 Russian beauties punished in the woods by the cane when these two traditional minded husbands decide to instill a little discipline in their wives! Why do husbands spank their wives? Because they NEED IT!

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Wife Spanking 2 By Von Leopold
Wife Spanking Stories
By Von Leopold

Spanked By The Vampire

October 2nd, 2012

Here’s something that all spanking fans should enjoy – the latest short story from erotic author Von Leopold entitled Spanked By The Vampire and it’s HOT!

Poor Alyssa doesn’t think vampires exist, until she finds herself face down over a creature of the night’s knee with her bottom bared and tender young flesh offered up for his perverted sexual amusement! Fans of both vampire and spanking genres will enjoy this little tale of corporal punishment and seduction that’s sure to leave you wanting more!

Stay tuned for more spanking books from Von Leopold to follow. We hear he’s about to release the first volume of his “Wife Spanking” series – should be GREAT!


Escort girl punished in a Night Club

September 12th, 2012

Escort girl punished in a Night Club

Husbands Who Spank Their Wives

August 9th, 2012

Recently a study came out with some surprising results. Turns out more and more married men are turning to spanking to keep their wives in line. Apparently the trend of married couples seeking marriage counseling and therapy over the last few decades has begun to shift to the opposite direction. Many married men now feel that the best way to deal with the nagging wife is to simply put her across their knee and spank them good and hard!

Keeping A Wife In Line Involves Spanking

The trend of wife spanking is especially growing among men who identify themselves as religious conservatives. And indeed many churches now feature a portion of their Sunday services to be put aside for the public spanking of married women in front of the entire congregation.

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“A married woman should always obey her husband and if not should be subject to the chastisement of the whipping cane before the eyes of the faithful” said pastor Smithers, “and many of the married men in our congregation do just that. At our Sunday services they are invited to bring their wives to the front of the congregation, line them up in front of the altar and proceed to spanking as the congregation counts the righteous blows.”

And what of the idea of married women being forced to bare their bottoms for corporal punishment in public?

“We feel that the sight of naked female flesh is allowable as it is not in a sexual contacts, but rather being exposed to the proper chastisement and punishment under our holy teachings,” said Smithers “and if having their naked bottoms on display as they are punished by their husbands we have no objection to the nudity.”

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In the study’s findings economic concerns were also a major factor in determining whether a husband took his wife to counseling or simply put her across his knee. Many of the married men interviewed for this study said that the monetary aspect had no bearing on whether or not they punish their wives was spanking, although a few did admit that it was cheaper than traveling to see a licensed therapist.

And what of the wives who were being spanked in public by their husbands? Many said that they were content to be punished in such a fashion only if it was under the guidance of a religious and not simply for the sexual gratification of their husbands.

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The study was commissioned by the Kane Institute For Holy Matrimony, a nonprofit nondenominational organization made up of various southern religious congregations in the United States. The results tend to be skewed the fact that only American couples were interviewed, but it is thought that in much of the Western Hemisphere the attitude towards wife spanking is much the same, although in Russia and farther east spanking or caning one’s wife is an accepted part of marriage.

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Birching Your Wife

July 31st, 2012

Down here in Alabama we don’t mess about with spanking our wives with hairbrushes, belts or wooden spoons, no sir, when it comes to keeping the little woman in line nothing works better than a good old-fashioned birching cross her bare butt!

When my little wife Susan gets uppity to me and starts nagging about having to do her chores, I go straight out to the nearest hickory tree and cut me a switch to make sure she knows I ain’t one for taking sass from a woman. I usually take her straight into the milk barn, pull up her skirt and take down her little cotton britches for a good switching that leaves her dancing and clutching her little red bottom.

Sometimes A Wife Needs A Public Spanking

And don’t think I’m shy about spanking my wife if there is company or family over either. Why, one time she sassed me about serving viddles to my 2 brothers, so I took her right a cross my knee in front of them in the kitchen, pulled down her shorts and let them watch as I spanked her good and hard before making her go out to the yard and cut her a switch for me. After she brought it back, I bent her straight over the couch and proceeded to tan her hide as they sat there watching and drinking beer. You can bet she damn well stepped lively after that little session with the hickory switch and I didn’t have no more trouble from her for the rest of the week.

Like all married women she soon got to nagging and sassing me, so I had to go out to the fence row by the blueberry bushes and cut myself a whole bundle of hickory switches to make a good birching bundle. The very next day I had to put her across the hood of my pickup and birch her naked ass right in front of the preacher and his wife, who would come to visit and drop off some eggs and cheese. The preacher’s wife said that I shouldn’t chastise her so harshly, but the preacher heself gave me a good nod and a wink, and told me to carry on with the gusto and vigor that the job demanded. He even said he would come back later alone and that I should strip my wife naked and birch her good and proper in the front yard as he read from the good book.

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Now sometimes I get the thinking that my little Susie is doing stuff just to make me mad, so I’ll run out and grab that switch and proceed to blister her buns like some young hussy under the guidance of her daddy. How can I tell? Well sometimes when I’m laying that hickory switch or birch bundle across her naked butt, she gets a look on her face like she does when we be upstairs having relations like husbands and wives do. One time she even asked me to pull her hair and call her names as I switched her bare butt out on the front porch while the mailman watched.

Yeah, spanking your wife is pretty common down here and you’d have to drive pretty far to find some good old boy who put up with his wife sassing him and not taking her britches down for a good birching. It’s been that way for many a long year and I don’t see it changing anytime soon. If any of you city fellers out there read this and don’t agree, then you are probably one of those liberal homosexuals that lets his wife step all over them, because any real man knows that the wife should obey the husband and the best way to ensure that is by spanking her on a regular basis!

Crawford T Hobbesmeller
[wife spanker and champion hog caller]

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Spanking My Wife In Church

July 10th, 2012

Recently our church was a witness to a most shocking event. I had to put my wife over my knee and spank her publicly before the congregation!

Although I consider myself a kind and gentle man, and have always shown my wife the proper respect and affection, I was not prepared to accept her truculent behavior during services.

We had gone to the early evening mass on Tuesday night to hear father Tom speak about the sins of drunkenness. My wife, Debra, being a recovering alcoholic, has had a constant battle with wine and spirits for most of her life. In fact, she was almost lured into a life of prostitution as a teenage girl because of her fondness and addiction to alcohol. It was only through the direct intervention of Father Tom and the other elders of our congregation that she was steered away from a life of sin and set on the path to the Lord and righteousness.

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Panties Down OTK For A Naughty Wife

So when that Tuesday night she started messing with her cell phone and giggling while Father Tom was trying to preach his sermon, I knew I had to take matters in hand and discipline her promptly.

Taking my cue from the angry look on Father Tom’s face, I grabbed Debra, took the phone out of her hand and put her across my lap. As the entire congregation looked on in silence, I pulled up her skirt and lowered her pink panties to her knees. I began spanking her vigorously with the open palm of my hand and did not stop until I had administered at least 20 or 30 smacks on her bare bottom in a row without stopping.

Father Tom looked on approvingly, and even came over to watch as I disciplined my wife. Debra kicked and screamed all sorts of vile obscenities and curse words so loud, that some of the older women in the congregation were nearly faint.

“Brother, your wife is possessed by the devil himself and you must beat the evil from her flesh. Don’t hold back!”

Taking my cue from his admonishing wisdom, I quickly removed my leather belt and began to lay on severe strokes of hot leather upon my wife’s naked backside. The congregation began to clap in rhythm to the blows I was furiously administering to Debra’s naked bottom, and shouts of “Hallelujah!” and “Praise the Lord!” echoed through the hall.

After about 5 min. I told my wife to stand up, and then took her to the corner by the altar – to stand there with her skirt raised and bright red bare bottom exposed to all untill the service was over.

Father Tom climbed back in the pulpit and finished his sermon, preaching a mighty message of good versus evil and how Debra was now a better woman and wife for having been spanked by her husband.

I believe more married women need to be spanked and disciplined by their husbands on a regular basis, either in church, or in the privacy of the home. For remember our Lord’s words “If thy wife is not obedient and does wrong, spare not the rod but punish her mightily before God!”

Brother Richard
[born again Christian and wife disciplinarian]

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Spanked By My Husband

June 7th, 2012

I came home one afternoon after work and my husband happened to be home. I walked in the door, said hi, and went to the kitchen to make myself a drink. He was very silent and stern. I was not in the mood to fight. Not tonight. That is when I noticed the credit card bill in his hand.

I felt guilty. I turned red I was supposed to intercept that bill! I had gone nuts and maxed out one of our cards on a very expensive piece of jewelry that I could never afford.

“I work hard and sometimes I need to buy nice things,” I said.

” You are very naughty and a whore with credit.”

I watched his hands. I knew what was next. My face turned crimson and hot. He took off his belt menacingly and I felt trapped.

“Shit Dan, I’m not a child!”

“Then stop acting like one!”

My husband is a very large and strong man and he took me forcibly and bent me over his lap. I started to cry as he unbuttoned my jeans and began to tug them down along with my panties. I struggled and said to him, “Stop it, this isn’t funny!

After my panties are down, I wince. My ass is naked and vulnerable, barred for his ministrations. He pulls back the belt, hesitates and then slaps it against my flesh with leashed anger. I struggle and pound his legs with my fist. He doesn’t stop. He is very angry and tells me that I must obey him always.. I can feel how hard he is from rubbing against his lap back and forth and his bulging cock is teasing my hungry
pussy as I rub over and over against him, his erection rubbing my clit.

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His hardness rubbing against my wet crotch and the burning of my ass is exciting me beyond all limits He pulls my head up and undoes his jeans . His cock is huge and he forces my head down. I am going to cum by his forcefulness. I love being ordered to suck cock and he knows it. I take his head in my mouth and lick the eye of his head slowly. He tears off my shirt and roughly handles my tits, stroking my nipples.

His cock teases my slit. It was so thick. I was dripping wet from the spanking, and he was so hard from spanking me, that we fucked madly like animals. I scratched his back as he filled me over and over and just before I came he turned me over and slapped my ass as I released and came like never before!

As I climaxed, he climbed on top of me, pinning down my arms with his powerful legs . Grabbing his cock, he stroked his massive tool until cum spurted all over my face. I tried to move away from the huge messy goo, but I couldn’t.

“Eat it!”, he ordered and I tried, gagging a bit.

We fell together. It was the best sex we had ever had. I wouldn’t be able to walk for a few days, and I knew better then to max out our credit cards again, but it was well worth it!

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