A Belt For The Wife’s Bare Butt!

One of our favorite spanking implements for discipling a wayward wife has to be the old black leather belt!

Feeling it smacking across a married gal’s lovely bare bottom with a resounding WHACK is SO satisfying to a husband…and often the wife too! LOL!

belt spanked wives picture
Time For Those Buns To Meet The Belt!

Now this lucky fellow has it right, wife across his lap, her bottom bared and ready for the stinging SNAP of his fancy black leather belt. She might writhe and struggle, but he’s going to make sure her tight butt is well punished and rosy red by the time he’s done administering some delightful marital discipline!

…that’s six, shall we go for twelve?

(Loving it when the hubbie uses his belt)

Tell Us How YOU Would Use A Belt On Our Bare Bottoms!
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