Caning The Wife Clips

Sometimes a husband just has to punish his wife!

A well known model and married woman named Avalon hates it when her busy bank manager husband goes off to the office and leaves her the housework to do (he just will not hire a maid). Thinking herself MUCH too beautiful to be dealing with dusting, scrubbing and any type of household cleaning, she decides instead to please herself with a dildo. When her husband unexpectedly returns and catches her masturbating on the living room couch, she quickly finds herself over his knee with her bare ass turned up for a proper spanking!

We’ll see who does the house work NOW! You could hear the naughty woman’s cries and groans down the block as he went to work on her burning butt with a nice variety of spanking implements….NICE ONE!

…masturbating instead of cleaning? Not in MY house!

(We love to watch too)

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