Husband Spanks His Wife’s Friends

Every once in a while Tabitha likes to get together for a special party with her girl friends! And her hot husband Jim is the only male invited to this little soiree. Here’s the deal. Once a month Tabitha holds a little spanking party. See she has a small group of girlfriends, who like her, love to be spanked, paddled, or given the belt. One day they were having lunch at her house when somehow the subject of spanking came up. By the end of the afternoon, she was feeling very sorry for her girlfriends because none of their husbands were willing to give them the delicious spankings they desired. So Tabitha decided to be a real friend and asked her husband if he would be willing to help out a few of her friends. Well, when she told him how her friends wanted to be spanked like she was, he was more than willing to help out. Duh!

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And Who Would Like To Be Spanked Next?

So now once a month three or four of her friends come over for their little “bottoms up” party. They all get a delightfully hard turn over her husband’s knee with his hands, the big black paddle or for one friend, a flogger. By the end of the night all the women have reddened butts and big smiles on their faces, thankful for such a great friend!

“…Many a married woman likes to see her friends get spanked too!”

(Member of a married spanking club)

Bubble Butts Galore

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