Putting My Wife Over My Knee

I’m from Germany and there the thought of a man putting his wife over his knee and spanking her bare bottom is nothing!

Women need discipline and the husband MUST be ready to correct and show his wife the proper behavior – especially if she is to be allowed out of the house without male companionship.

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“Now, Helga, You KNOW This Is Going To Help Our Marriage!”

You see, females are naturally untrustworthy and prone to sexual misadventures, so the husband MUST keep a tight rein on her. If that means each night she must lower her panties and submit to a bare bottom OTK spanking, so be it!

I often hear my American friends say that their wives run the house and would NEVER stand still for being spanked. NEIN! Not in THIS house! My wife Helga knows she must be spanked and comes to me each evening and lays across my lap without me even having to say a word. She understands what marriage is all about!

(Always ready to spank)

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