Retro Spanking Pictures

Many times it’s another woman who has to spank the naughty wife!

Why? Because it’s fun!

No, seriously, there are many cases of a married man’s sister or mother spanking the misbehaving wife – often harder and longer than the husband would himself! Everyone knows women can be SO cruel to each other…. and they often know the REAL deal when it comes to a cheating or misbehaving wife. Can’t bullshit another woman!

retro spanking picture
These Bare Buns Are Going To Burn, Baby!

Look at this lovely wench getting her buns tanned properly by a babe with a ping pong paddle! SMACKY SMACK SMACK! That’s GOT to hurt! Some of the older spanking pictures on the web feature this scenario quite often. I love the other lady watching in the picture above – she wants to make sure those buns are toasted to a proper shade of crimson, lol!

Just a little bit of fun for those that like seeing retro girls get spanked and punished bottom side up!


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