Spanked By A Stranger

She was looking to get her soft, rounded bottom spanked tonight. It had been a long while since she had last been taken in hand and given a good spanking; her fanny was just itching for a long, firm session of hard spanking. She had worn her extra short, tight, black skirt that road all the way up to the top of her slender thighs when she sat down. She had also “forgotten” to wear panties this evening. Oops! She was definitely more than ready for tonight!

Sitting at the bar, she glanced around checking out the potential opportunity around her.Could it be the guy a couple stools over? His hands looked large, like they could cover both her bum cheeks with each smack. Was it one of the gentlemen sitting in the booth next to the window? Nah, they all looked to be engrossed in their “guy” talk. With one final glance around the bar she turned back to nurse her Martini, disappointed with how the evening was turning out. God weren’t there any heavy handed men anymore? Had they pansied out when they got their last manicures at the local beauty salon?

Looking down at her just refreshed drink, she noticed a slip of paper. It read: “Babe, I know just what you and your tight ass need tonight. Meet me at closing and you will get exactly what you deserve.”

Excited now, she glanced around the bar again. Who could it be? Giving up, she turned around, her eyes meeting a hard chest. Glancing up, she caught the stare of the bartender. God he was hot! Why hadn’t she noticed? Smiling wickedly, he gave her a slow wink that promised that all her that she would soon be bent over that bar in spanking delight…

She trembled at the thought of being spanked by a stranger and forced to bare her bottom!

“…You little tart, I’m going to teach you some manners!”

(Always willing to drop my panties for a good spanking)

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