Spanked By My Husband

I came home one afternoon after work and my husband happened to be home. I walked in the door, said hi, and went to the kitchen to make myself a drink. He was very silent and stern. I was not in the mood to fight. Not tonight. That is when I noticed the credit card bill in his hand.

I felt guilty. I turned red I was supposed to intercept that bill! I had gone nuts and maxed out one of our cards on a very expensive piece of jewelry that I could never afford.

“I work hard and sometimes I need to buy nice things,” I said.

” You are very naughty and a whore with credit.”

I watched his hands. I knew what was next. My face turned crimson and hot. He took off his belt menacingly and I felt trapped.

“Shit Dan, I’m not a child!”

“Then stop acting like one!”

My husband is a very large and strong man and he took me forcibly and bent me over his lap. I started to cry as he unbuttoned my jeans and began to tug them down along with my panties. I struggled and said to him, “Stop it, this isn’t funny!

After my panties are down, I wince. My ass is naked and vulnerable, barred for his ministrations. He pulls back the belt, hesitates and then slaps it against my flesh with leashed anger. I struggle and pound his legs with my fist. He doesn’t stop. He is very angry and tells me that I must obey him always.. I can feel how hard he is from rubbing against his lap back and forth and his bulging cock is teasing my hungry
pussy as I rub over and over against him, his erection rubbing my clit.

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His hardness rubbing against my wet crotch and the burning of my ass is exciting me beyond all limits He pulls my head up and undoes his jeans . His cock is huge and he forces my head down. I am going to cum by his forcefulness. I love being ordered to suck cock and he knows it. I take his head in my mouth and lick the eye of his head slowly. He tears off my shirt and roughly handles my tits, stroking my nipples.

His cock teases my slit. It was so thick. I was dripping wet from the spanking, and he was so hard from spanking me, that we fucked madly like animals. I scratched his back as he filled me over and over and just before I came he turned me over and slapped my ass as I released and came like never before!

As I climaxed, he climbed on top of me, pinning down my arms with his powerful legs . Grabbing his cock, he stroked his massive tool until cum spurted all over my face. I tried to move away from the huge messy goo, but I couldn’t.

“Eat it!”, he ordered and I tried, gagging a bit.

We fell together. It was the best sex we had ever had. I wouldn’t be able to walk for a few days, and I knew better then to max out our credit cards again, but it was well worth it!

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