The Wife Loves Discipline

Many wives and married women actually love being disciplined by their husbands, especially if they are already involved in a BDSM or fetish lifestyle together.

Flogging, caning, paddling and spanking the wife are all “healthy” outlets for married couples to explore – if the wife is into it (flogging anybody without their permission is not very nice to put it mildy) and receives sexual enjoyment from the activity.

This couple below seem to have no problem with it. I bet that deliciously naughty girl jumped right into position and thrust her bottom out for her husband the moment she saw that black leather paddle in his hand!

spanked wives discipline picture
Black Leather And Discipline Go Well Together!

Bottoms up and buns out is how we like our girls, right guys? And if you like watching girls and women being spanked as much as the rest of the girls and guys at the spanked wives club, then you can well imagine the excitement and delight this lucky husband is feeling as he grasps his paddle and eyes the delicious upturned apple bottom of his sexy wife!

Spank! Spank! Deary!


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