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Spanking My Black Wife

Monday, February 13th, 2012

My bitch got that booty going on! I’m talking some SERIOUS phat azz that’s just MADE for spanking!

And I NEVER miss a chance to put my wife over my lap OTK style and give her a blazing bare bottom spanking – the belt or whip being my favorite!

spanked wives picture
“I Going To Spank That Big Black Ass All Night Long!”

She says she will be a better woman for it and I agree! I even had the Preacher tell her that the husband is the head of the household and has the duty to discipline his wife if he sees fit.

That and she just loves having me spank that booty and make those dark cheeks DANCE to the whip!

Damn, I loves that woman!

(Black ass spanking is the best)

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The belt on her naked ass for masturbating

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

What the best thing to spank your wife with?


Especially if you catch her masturbating! The belt on her naked ass for masturbating is a SURE way to make sure she saves up her sexual feelings for YOU and not her vibrator!

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A Belt For The Wife’s Bare Butt!

Monday, November 16th, 2009

One of our favorite spanking implements for discipling a wayward wife has to be the old black leather belt!

Feeling it smacking across a married gal’s lovely bare bottom with a resounding WHACK is SO satisfying to a husband…and often the wife too! LOL!

belt spanked wives picture
Time For Those Buns To Meet The Belt!

Now this lucky fellow has it right, wife across his lap, her bottom bared and ready for the stinging SNAP of his fancy black leather belt. She might writhe and struggle, but he’s going to make sure her tight butt is well punished and rosy red by the time he’s done administering some delightful marital discipline!

…that’s six, shall we go for twelve?

(Loving it when the hubbie uses his belt)

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Husband Watches Wife Spanked

Sunday, July 26th, 2009

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Want a nice twist on the husband spanks wife routine?

“Doris was a real bitch of a mother-in-law. She had been against her son Frank’s marriage to Joan right from the start. She thought she was “a slutty bitch” and not a good enough woman for her only son to marry. This led to many rows between the concerned mother and son, which usually ended with Frank leaving and slamming the door.

But Doris was determined to show Frank that he had made the wrong choice, and finally one day, after learning that Joan had been seen by a friend out at the pubs carrying on with other men, she decided to drive right over to their house and SHOW her son how to discipline his wife.

Joan opened the door and greeted her mother-in-law, but soon found herself taken by the ear and thrown to her knees before her shocked husband! “Mother! What are you doing?!” Joan shouted. Doris only sneered as she pulled Frank’s own black leather belt from his discarded trousers that were laying on the floor “I’m going to show you what a little slut you married, Frank, Watch!”.

Joan was speechless and burning with shame as she felt her mother-in-law hook her thumbs into her panties hem and with a yank – bare her bottom right in front of her husband!

“No, Doris! Please…please not this!” she wimpered. “Shut up, slut! I’m going to thrash your bare ass so my son can see how to handle you!” Doris bellowed. She raised the belt in her hand and began to flog Joan’s bare bottom mercilessly!

“Please! Stop” she sobbed and through her tears she could see her husband’s shocked expression at her spanking humiliation at the hands of her bitch of a mother-in-law.

“See?” Said Doris “THIS is how you cure your wife of sluting around the pubs! You need to do this EVERY time she goes out!!”

Frank was speechless. He could only stare at the shameful sight of his wife kneeling against the wall wimpering and pleading as his mother brought the belt down time and time again upon her naked bottom….”

Have your mother do it for you! WHOA! That’s pretty hot!

She made her own daughter a member of the spanked wives club!


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A Belt For Her Bottom

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

Here’s a delightful gallery of spanking clips that offers a delicious scenario:

The husband is a school teacher and his wife’s younger sister is one of his pupils, and when she misbehaves, he has to take down her panties, bare her shapely young bottom and spank her with his leather belt! How exciting! Having your wife’s little sister across your lap for some stinging spanking discipline and “correction” would make for some quality family time indeed!

It would make having the inlaws over MUCH more fun, right?


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