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Birching Your Wife

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Down here in Alabama we don’t mess about with spanking our wives with hairbrushes, belts or wooden spoons, no sir, when it comes to keeping the little woman in line nothing works better than a good old-fashioned birching cross her bare butt!

When my little wife Susan gets uppity to me and starts nagging about having to do her chores, I go straight out to the nearest hickory tree and cut me a switch to make sure she knows I ain’t one for taking sass from a woman. I usually take her straight into the milk barn, pull up her skirt and take down her little cotton britches for a good switching that leaves her dancing and clutching her little red bottom.

Sometimes A Wife Needs A Public Spanking

And don’t think I’m shy about spanking my wife if there is company or family over either. Why, one time she sassed me about serving viddles to my 2 brothers, so I took her right a cross my knee in front of them in the kitchen, pulled down her shorts and let them watch as I spanked her good and hard before making her go out to the yard and cut her a switch for me. After she brought it back, I bent her straight over the couch and proceeded to tan her hide as they sat there watching and drinking beer. You can bet she damn well stepped lively after that little session with the hickory switch and I didn’t have no more trouble from her for the rest of the week.

Like all married women she soon got to nagging and sassing me, so I had to go out to the fence row by the blueberry bushes and cut myself a whole bundle of hickory switches to make a good birching bundle. The very next day I had to put her across the hood of my pickup and birch her naked ass right in front of the preacher and his wife, who would come to visit and drop off some eggs and cheese. The preacher’s wife said that I shouldn’t chastise her so harshly, but the preacher heself gave me a good nod and a wink, and told me to carry on with the gusto and vigor that the job demanded. He even said he would come back later alone and that I should strip my wife naked and birch her good and proper in the front yard as he read from the good book.

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Now sometimes I get the thinking that my little Susie is doing stuff just to make me mad, so I’ll run out and grab that switch and proceed to blister her buns like some young hussy under the guidance of her daddy. How can I tell? Well sometimes when I’m laying that hickory switch or birch bundle across her naked butt, she gets a look on her face like she does when we be upstairs having relations like husbands and wives do. One time she even asked me to pull her hair and call her names as I switched her bare butt out on the front porch while the mailman watched.

Yeah, spanking your wife is pretty common down here and you’d have to drive pretty far to find some good old boy who put up with his wife sassing him and not taking her britches down for a good birching. It’s been that way for many a long year and I don’t see it changing anytime soon. If any of you city fellers out there read this and don’t agree, then you are probably one of those liberal homosexuals that lets his wife step all over them, because any real man knows that the wife should obey the husband and the best way to ensure that is by spanking her on a regular basis!

Crawford T Hobbesmeller
[wife spanker and champion hog caller]

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