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My Wife Loves A Spanking

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

A letter from a husband who knows that a spanked wife is a HAPPY wife!

“My wife loves a good, firm spanking. Oh,she never tells me how much she loves it when I take her over my knee and smack her little ass till it shows a lovely shade of bright red. She doesn’t have to tell me she loves it. How do I know then? Well here is the thing. She has no idea that I have realized that every time she does something she knows I will get irritated for like leaving the kitchen a mess for a few days, means she wants that hard paddling. Or sometimes she behaves completely inappropriately in public, knowing full well that that is always a good way to come home for a bottom bruising.

I guess she thinks I am blind to her games. It has now become kind of a game for me. I have counted at least three occasions this week already in which my wife has been a “bad girl”. I can also see the irritation in her after I have “failed” to punish her for recent indiscretions. She really has nothing to worry about. I will be taking my hand and probably the paddle to her firm ass soon. I just love making her wait for the right moment for me to “notice” how naughty she has been. Maybe after the movie tonight!

Signed – A Knowing Hubby”

Sweet, eh? Seems like a man who knows who wears the pants in the family (and who has to take THEIR’S down!)

“Now dear, it’s not like you didn’t know a spanking was going to be the end result of this!”

(Married and looking forward to the cane at night)

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