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Whipping A Wife Properly

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Is the secret to a happy marriage whipping your wife?

This couple would say so! The husband routinely takes his comely redhead wife into their makeshift dungeon in the garage and whips her to orgasm! Clamps on her nipples, tied and bound, he makes it rough and she LOVES IT!

Who says the couple that plays together stays together? WE DO!

And what did the old Priest say to his flock?

“Lay on, good man! Whip that wench and teach her the error of her ways…..but first strip her naked and shame her properly before the congregation!”


(Married and spanked regularly)

Young Nun Gets Caned

Friday, September 17th, 2010

A young lady in the convent is under the cane for touching herself! Seems this naughty nun was running her finger’s through the “Devil’s Triangle” and the monk who oversees discipline was called in to teach her that the Mother Superior does not like the young girls masturbating instead of praying!

“You will receive a stroke of the cane for every time you touched yourself! These impure thoughts must be beaten from you! Young girl’s only get into trouble when they let the Devil tempt them into playing with their hairy bits!”

(Strict but fair)

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Desperate Houswives In Bondage

Friday, May 14th, 2010

These horny Housewives are desperate for hardcore bondage and squealing forced orgasms. FORCED ORGASMS, BONDAGE, SQUIRTING, WHIPPING, BALL GAGS AND MORE!

When Maxine X pays a visit to her husband’s lover, Velvet Skye, she quickly discovers that cheating on Maxine is punishable by extreme bondage as she gets bound, whipped and dildo fucked in all her holes. Maybe next time, Maxine won’t be so nice!

Want to see some Desperate Houswives In Bondage and being disciplined without mercy?

There ya’ go!

“Ready for a bit of flogging and dildo fucking, bitch?”

(Naughty, but not desperate)

Mistress Loves To Punish And Humiliate
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Whip That Bitch!

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

It’s intense and oh so NAUGHTY!!

This married bitch Marilyn is a hot redhead. She says she orgasm while being whipped and flogged without mercy by her husband and master. Master Len really works her over in some very unique and arousing ways. Nipple clamps are attached with a bungee cord. When her back is whipped any movement pulls on her tender swollen nipples….and that’s just for starters!

Then a stiff leather flogger is used hard on her bare back, front and between her legs. Then a REAL bull whip is used on naked flesh until she screams and cries for mercy – and gets NONE! Poor Marilyn is pushed far beyond her limits in the exciting video that all spanked wives club with enjoy and cherish!

so, you think a whip is something to enjoy? You’ll soon LEARN different!

(I also love to be whipped by my husband)

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Wives Disciplined And Trained

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

When Heinz and Sigmond announced that their new Vegas act consisted of taking member’s wives from the audience, stripping them and then disciplining and training them, the lines for their shows stretched around the block!

Many people lined up to watch them flog and spank these married women on stage each night to the thundering applause of the mostly older male audience….it was a SMASH!

spanked wives picture
Now The Flogging Shall Begin!

It’s no secret that men love watching women get spanked and the more ass getting whipped, caned or paddled the better! Sales for all the shows have been through the roof and the management is considering adding another month’s run of the production.

We at the Spanked Wives Club can’t think of a better reason to go to Vegas, can you?

…dress off, dear, time for the show to begin!


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