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Putting My Wife Over My Knee

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

I’m from Germany and there the thought of a man putting his wife over his knee and spanking her bare bottom is nothing!

Women need discipline and the husband MUST be ready to correct and show his wife the proper behavior – especially if she is to be allowed out of the house without male companionship.

spanked wives picture
“Now, Helga, You KNOW This Is Going To Help Our Marriage!”

You see, females are naturally untrustworthy and prone to sexual misadventures, so the husband MUST keep a tight rein on her. If that means each night she must lower her panties and submit to a bare bottom OTK spanking, so be it!

I often hear my American friends say that their wives run the house and would NEVER stand still for being spanked. NEIN! Not in THIS house! My wife Helga knows she must be spanked and comes to me each evening and lays across my lap without me even having to say a word. She understands what marriage is all about!

(Always ready to spank)

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Spanking My Black Wife

Monday, February 13th, 2012

My bitch got that booty going on! I’m talking some SERIOUS phat azz that’s just MADE for spanking!

And I NEVER miss a chance to put my wife over my lap OTK style and give her a blazing bare bottom spanking – the belt or whip being my favorite!

spanked wives picture
“I Going To Spank That Big Black Ass All Night Long!”

She says she will be a better woman for it and I agree! I even had the Preacher tell her that the husband is the head of the household and has the duty to discipline his wife if he sees fit.

That and she just loves having me spank that booty and make those dark cheeks DANCE to the whip!

Damn, I loves that woman!

(Black ass spanking is the best)

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After Work Wife Spanking Story

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

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Mr.Ackerman is the second Assistant Manager of an electronics firm and spends his whole time taking flack out of clients, superiors and subordinates during the day. When he gets home at night he is in no mood to listen to shit from anyone. Least of all his wife. So one hot day last summer he came home to a house that smelled like a cat box that needed emptying, and a bitchy woman who started in as soon as he got home.

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Something just snapped. She started complaining about him not leaving her enough on the card to pay for the washing machine when he picked up the fly -swatter and laid into her ass with it. She hopped and told him to stop. She wasn’t getting it. He pulled her over the sofa and dropped her pants. He went back into it wit h the swatter. It left pink welts shaped like squares, she was beginning to look like he went over her with a waffle iron. He tossed down the swatter and took a personal hand in the conversation. Pulling her across his lap he yanked off her panties and laid into her butt with his bare hand!

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“I’m not gonna listen to your guff!” he told her. “Keep your mouth shut!” She opened her mouth and began to speak but this really set him off. He laid into that butt until her cheeks turned a bright red. Suddenly he noticed the smell of smoke coming from the kitchen. He let her up and stared at her. She put her hands on her hips and said: “Your dinner!” Some men never learn.

Concerned Husband
(Spank your wife AFTER dinner)

This Bitch Said “Snort My Butt!”

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Wife Waits While He Spanks His Mistress

Saturday, November 26th, 2011

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After Mr. Whipple picked up his wife at the doctor’s office, he made a side trip to another neighborhood and told his wife he would only be a minute. What she didn’t know was that she was sitting in the driveway of his mistress, who he just couldn’t hold off seeing. Earlier, in the waiting room a mother had spanked her misbehaving daughter and the sight of this just set him ablaze. He’ d only be a minute or two.

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When he got inside, his mistress was surprised to see him. He closed the door behind him and said not a word. He unbuckled his belt and jerked it off with a loud ‘snap’! She was just about to ask why he had come unscheduled when he began to swing the belt and lay it into her ass. Now she knew what he had come for! He kept on swinging and she moved for the living room, only to find herself cornered. He pulled down her pants and tied the belt around waist. As he shoved his fingers up her ass she noticed the car in the driveway.

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Not only had he come for unscheduled SM, he was making his wife wait in the car while he did it! He led her over to the couch and put her over his lap for a little bare hand OTK spanking. In minutes she had a red ass and it got him off. When he got back to the car, his wife asked if everything was OK. “Just great!” he said, “Everything’s just great!”

(Wives need a good spanking)

Big Butts That Smother!

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Spanking Teens On The Butt

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

If Spanking Teens On The Butt sounds like fun to you (and us too), then you need to check out today’s link! If one is to have a proper and well-behaved wife, it is best to start them off young with the idea that ANY bad behavior will result in an immediate and swift spanking! Never too young to teach a girl to be a proper lady, right fella’s?

“Stop that wimpering and get your panties down, this is for your OWN good!”

(Spanked young and love it when older)

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Naughty Women Should Be Spanked

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

…even if it is by other women! A little bit of girl on girl spanking fun for you to enjoy!

“Delicious tight derrières and fine firm asses get soundly spanked by cruel females. Their lovely round mounds stick up high to allow for the best view and easy access to their bare bottom punishments. These nasty girls must face the naked truth of their tormentors… if you do the crime you must put in the time. The best time is had by the viewer as they watch this hot bevy of lovely ladies and girls feeling the sting of the hand, cane and paddle across their blushing backsides! “

Girl’s night out! LOL!

(Girlfriends love spanking each other)

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Caned By The Major

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Cruel Major Jenkins has taken the afternoon off and decides to visit his local massage parlor for a bit of “relief”. The house madam leads him upstairs where he will be given his choice of woman by viewing them through a glass window.

Hoping to find a woman with an perfect hourglass figure, he is quickly disappointed at his choices (although they ARE quite lovely) and therefore decides to spank and admonish the three he has been shown. The Major will have a most pleasant afternoon punishing female butt before he returns to his post….

Attention! To the rear, MARCH!

“Right, we’ll have those knickers down and across my knee, girl, time’s wasting and you need some proper correction! To think that your father was once my commanding officer! Obviously he didn’t spank you enough as a little girl!”

(We want to meet the Major too)

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