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Blonde Wife Spanked Hard

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Some wives just don’t learn until they’re face down over your lap and that sweet bare ass is getting smacked!

Naughty blonde bitch gets butt slapped hard
This Is Going To teach YOU!

She is a naughty bitch and deserves to be punished with some stinging bare bottom shame. Watch this sexy, young blonde wife as she lays on her stomach on top of her husband’s lap, exposing her plump butt and then get it slapped hard until it’s burning red and smarting!

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Delightful English Spanking

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

Yes, it’s often advisable for husbands to spank their naughty wives, but many times it’s to rectify things that should of being taught or clarified when the lady was younger…..and in England, the Aunty was often called upon to administer the spanking discipline in the house!

Girls are by nature strong-willed and apt to get into things they shouldn’t at a young age, so a good dose of panties down, six of the best English discipline applied to their bare bottoms does wonders for later marital happiness!

“Right, Knickers down and across Auntie’s lap! The cane will be next so be quick about it girl!”

Lady Asyer
(Brought up well behaved and properly birched)

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MILFs Spanking Soccer Moms

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Soccer Mom’s Spank Off

This is the second video featuring web mistress, Clare Fonda and Chelsea Pfeiffer Now, the kid gloves are off! This is a much more aggressive video all around. One spankee even cries real tears while the other is left with a visibly bruised bottom!

Maggie Brown (Clare Fonda) visits Lana White (Chelsea Pfeiffer) hoping she can “persuade” Lana to take her son out of the running for a soccer scholarship. But Lana thinks Maggie’s proposal is perfectly unethical and outrageous: In the interest of sportsmanship and fair play, Lana tries to spank the badness out of Maggie Brown!

In the second scene, Maggie Brown, having endured a long hard spanking, with hand and hairbrush, is threatening to tell all the other soccer moms about the treatment she’s received at the hand of Mrs. White. Considering the possible ramifications, Lana decides to allow Maggie to spank her in return for Maggie keeping her big mouth shut! And so, Maggie spanks Lana with all her might in revenge for the burning spanking she has just received, herself.

Watch it ALL here when MILFs Spanking Soccer Moms and those naughty bare buns feel the sting of some delicious corporal punishment!

“Moms need spanking too!”

Nurse Clara
(Specializing in spanking and enemas)

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She’s Wishing For A Spanking

Monday, February 8th, 2010

Do you know I can get my boyfriend to spank me? I have never been spanked by a guy and I really want to try it. I am kind of afraid he will think I am really weird if I tell him I want him to spank my fanny. I am getting really desperate though. I keep looking at pictures of women getting a real paddling and it makes me all hot and pussy gets really wet. My boyfriend has very large hands and when I look at them I can’t stop fantasizing about they would feel if they smacked my ass good. Sometimes I look at his lap when we are just sitting around watching tv and I will him to pull me over it and pull my panties down.

spanked wives picture
You’ve Been Wishing, Now You’re GETTING IT!

As I stare at his lap I just imagine how awesome it would be to naked across his bare lap as he rubs my butt and then starts spanking it with those big firm hands of his. I want to feel my tits rub against his cock as it grows hard from the extreme hotness of getting to paddle my lovely behind. This fantasy is getting harder and harder to push aside. I have to find a way to get my boyfriend to spank me. A Soon. Is there anyone out there that can help me out. PLEASE!!!!!!

“Please, God, just make him take my panties down and put me across his lap!”

(Wishing for a spanking)

Spanked Wives And Schoolgirls

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Strict Mr. Watkins has a sure formula for restoring discipline to his marriage. When the cute Mrs. fails to keep her husband informed of her activities, when she fails to keep the house clean or doesn’t have his dinner prepared, Mr. Watkins has two choices. He could ignore the problem and let her continue to “back slide”, or he can administer some stinging bare bottom traditional English discipline!

spanked wives picture
Panties Down And Her Bottom Smacked!

For Mr. Watkins the solution is abundantly clear. A sound spanking on the bare bum, first with his firm hand, then with the stinging swish of the cane sets things to right. Rest assured, Mr. Watkins has the situation (and his wife’s naughty bare bottom) well in hand!

“…Right, let’s have those panties down and you over my knee!”

(Spanked and happy)

Wife Switch

Her Naughty Secret!

Monday, January 4th, 2010

She didn’t care that her latest scheme was sure to get her a brutal spanking from her husband. Because sure as shit, as soon as he found out what she had been up to lately her buns were going to pay and pay dearly for her naughty behavior. Just remembering the last time her husband spanked her when he caught her in the act made her cheeks flame red, and not just the cheeks on her face.

He came home that night, gave her a little peck on the cheek, a light swat on the behind and sat down to dinner. Later, as they were cuddling on the couch, watching a favorite TV show, she suddenly found herself flipped over his knee.

“What? What?” she cried.
“Oh you know exactly what you did Miss Wife!”
“But wait! Stop! Please!”

Too late, she found her skirt up and her panties down. Before she could take her next breath, the hard swats started. One smack after the other, each butt cheek getting equally painful attention. Trying to squirm out of his locked arms was useless. She could feel her poor bottom getting hotter and redder by the second. Finally, her husband’s punishing hand stopped.

Pulling her to sit next to him, he asked “So will this happen again?” “No, dear” she replied.

Lying in bed later that first night she smiled to herself knowing full well that she would do something naughty another day that would earn her another spanking session with her hubby’s firm hand. Wouldn’t he be surprised to learn how much this naughty little wife secretly loved having her derriere turned bright red. And tonight, she hoped, she would be getting her next reddened bottom!

(Spanked and VERY happy!;)

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Amateur Spanking Couples

Friday, July 24th, 2009

Many couples use spanking as an intimate part of their married sex lives…..which is as good an excuse as any for a married man to put his naughty wife across his lap and spank her bare buns a rosy red!

“But, Honey, it’s what ALL married couples do these days!”


Of course it’s much more fun spanking your wife when she’s kicking, screaming and wriggling across your lap as you struggle to take her panties down and apply that new black leather belt to her delicious soft ass cheeks, LOL! Something about hearing your wife cry out “I’ll be a GOOD girl!” just makes it all the better! Am I perv? Nope, just a happy member of the Spanked Wives Club!

(just got to watch out the little woman doesn’t pick up the paddle and toast your tush)


Naughty Wives Like To Swap, Switch And Swing!
Wife Switch
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