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A Bunch of Free Spanking Galleries

Friday, September 24th, 2010

How about some bun warming and butt smacking picture galleries featuring naughty girls getting the rump roasting their so richly deserve?

Free Spanking Gallery
Free Spanking Gallery
Free Spanking Gallery
Free Spanking Gallery
Free Spanking Gallery
Free Spanking Gallery
Free Spanking Gallery
Free Spanking Gallery

…and these spank crazy babes would love to explore some bare bottom discipline

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(Love a panties down spanking anytime)

Bare Bottom Spanking For School Teacher

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

This man was married to a school teacher who taught at the girl’s school where he was the HeadMaster…..and yes, many a time the girls needed to be disciplined and spanked (caned, actually) for various offenses and misdeeds….but what was to be done when he found out his own wife had been seen kissing one of the young female students???

He had but one choice!

Time for a Bare Bottom Spanking For School Teacher and so he dropped her panties and punished her as he should!

…Of course, later on he had his wife invite the girl over for a sizzling threesome, but that was off school grounds so, hehe…

“I have to do this, baby, now knickers down and across my lap you go!”

(Lucky to have a husband who spanks)

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A Well Spanked Ass

Monday, April 5th, 2010

This deliciously plump wife thought she would take some evening classes at the local girl’s school, but she never thought in a million years she’d get sent to the Head Master’s office for some hard bare bottom caning and spanking!

I guess she hadn’t heard that when dealing with female students a well spanked ass is the BEST way to get them to focus on their lessons and stop blabbing to their fellow students during lecture.

“Right, Mrs, Jome, knickers down and over the couch for your strokes!”

(A spanked ass is a happy ass)

Mature Pantyhose Plumper Pictures

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

If you enjoy a mature pantyhose plumper with a delicious big bottom that’s just begging for a spanking, today’s slut wife post might bring a smile to your face and a bulge to your trousers!

This sweet redhead has an ass just MADE for some prime wife spanking and she’s shaking it just for you!

mature pantyhose plumper picture
Would You Spank This Mature Mom’s Plump Bottom?

Is she a BBW or just deliciously plump and ripe? Either way she’s a doll with an apple bottom and quite content to be naughty in these mature pantyhose plumper pictures she has posted online for all to see!


Nope, just a lovely woman who nows what she wants and how to get it! Heels, hose and big bare ass!


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Wife Bound And Spanked

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Married couples engage in all sorts of hot spanking and BDSM games, so the idea that some combine a love of bondage with their spanking fun should come as no great surprise…

And having your wife bound and awaiting your “marital correction” is SUCH a turn on!

spanked wives picture
And NOW The Fun Begins, my dear!

We took a little informal poll her at the Spanked Wives Club and would you believe over seventy percent of our members admitted to liking to be tied up or forcibly restrained while their husbands spanked and disciplined them! WOW! Who would of thought? LOL!

….want to get a little kinky tonight, dear?


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I Spanked My Wife

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Seems this poor little wife didn’t have her husband’s dinner ready promptly at six as he had asked, so he decided to administer some stinging married discipline to her naughty bare bottom!

But did he really need to have someone take some pictures and post them on a page he called “I Spanked My Wife”, hmmm?

I spanked my wife picture
She Got Her Bare Bottom Spanked Good!

Admittedly the poor dear has a beautiful bottom just ripe for spanking, but when he takes a wooden spoon to her, it seems a bit extreme….not that we’re complaining, as married women we know that ALL types of spanking implements are used and coveted by couples, but OUCHIE! The poor girl’s tushy was probably quite sore for some time after he got done discipling her!

And did he get his dinner?

Hmmm, not sure about that, but he sure got two hot buns sunny side up, didn’t he? LOL

Panties down, dear and on the bed NOW! Daddy’s home and he’s hungry!


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A Paddle For Princess

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Okay, a question for all fans of the Spanked Wives Club….

What’s better than taking a paddle to your naughty wife’s bare bottom?

spanked wives picture
And Now it’s YOUR Turn!

The answer?

When you get to paddle both her and her sister! That’s right! A two for one naughty wife butt blazing marathon! And don’t tell me if you’re married and your wife has a sister, you haven’t thought about it! LOL! It WOULD be mighty fun to have TWO naughty ladies to punish and discipline!

Sound good? You bet, taking a paddle to Princess and the sister-in-law is like winning the Spanked Wives Club jackpot, eh?

Right, now get those panties down and bend over next to your sister!


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