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Spanking My Hillbilly Wife

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Yeah, so I live in a trailer park down here in Arkansas and am a fucking hick, so what?

And other than watching NASCAR, drinking beer and shooting at squirrels with my shotgun, the thing I like to do most is spank that hillbilly wife of mine on the bare ass!

Bare ass, shit! I strip that slut right down and go to town until she sucks me off like a good little gal should!

spanked wives picture
“Trailer Sluts Need To Be Spanked By Their Husbands!”

And she IS a slut, why she even fucked her two older brothers! And that was AFTER we was married!

She told me she was just doing it to keep them from putting their cocks in her mouth after they all got drunk on ’shine, but I know the bitch was lying!

Her daddy told me when I married her she was a handful and he had to strap her at LEAST once a week for running wild. Damn if I don’t have to too!

(Country boy, snake handler and wife spanker)

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Daddy Paddles Mommy

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

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Ever since I was a kid, my dad kept a paddle painted green with holes drilled in it to give it a little more ‘sting’. When I asked him what it was for he said, “Discipline!” Many were the nights I could hear him paddling mom when he thought I was asleep. On my wedding day he explained why. “A man has to take charge, son. If you don’t keep your woman in line, she’ll walk all over you!”

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I took his advice to heart and have followed it ever since. Like yesterday, when my wife put a scratch in the car. One look at my face and she knew what was coming. I used to use a belt but I find the bare hand more civilized. I made her bend over and grab the chair. Then I laid into her ass with my hand. When the right hand got tired I shifted to the left. She complained that I was hitting too hard, can you believe it? I still got 22 payments left on that damn car and she thought I was being too rough!

Sweet Pantyhose Pussy On Display!

I pulled her across my lap for more intense instruction. Down went the panties and I went back to work o n her bare butt! She promised she wouldn’t do it again but I kept at it just to be sure she got the point. By the time I was finished, she had bright red welts on both cheeks and a new attitude! My daddy didn’t raise no wimps!

Father’s Son
(Who spanks his wife regularly)

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The belt on her naked ass for masturbating

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

What the best thing to spank your wife with?


Especially if you catch her masturbating! The belt on her naked ass for masturbating is a SURE way to make sure she saves up her sexual feelings for YOU and not her vibrator!

Komrade Gams

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A Paddle For Her Bare Bottom

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

How about some mixed F/F and M/F spanking fun featuring some classic porn stars?

“One of the oldest methods of female correction and discipline is corporal punishment. To many spankologists, it is the ultimate. We have created a series of BDSM fantasies which explore it and its results. In the “Paddle Tales, Tom (The Icon) Byron, PJ Sparkxx, E.Z. Ryder explore the paddle. In “Spanking Tails” Angela Faith, Tanya Foxx, Tina, Sonny Daze and Bill Houston explore many methods of reddening bottoms of married women. The classic “Spank and Spank Again” Rounds out this triple feature with classic harlots Juliette Severe, Amanda Morrison, Kristsen, and Ricki getting “It” in the end.”

No buns left unpaddled! Classic!

(Hot and ready for a rump roasting)

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Spanked And Punished

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

How about some classic era spanking featuring girls spanking girls?

“Delicious derrières get soundly spanked. Their lovely round mounds stick up high to allow for the best view and easy access to their spanking and bdsm punishments. These wicked girls must face the naked truth of their tushy spanking tormentors”

Vintage lesbian spanking!

(Girls like to spank girls too)

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Spanking Teens On The Butt

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

If Spanking Teens On The Butt sounds like fun to you (and us too), then you need to check out today’s link! If one is to have a proper and well-behaved wife, it is best to start them off young with the idea that ANY bad behavior will result in an immediate and swift spanking! Never too young to teach a girl to be a proper lady, right fella’s?

“Stop that wimpering and get your panties down, this is for your OWN good!”

(Spanked young and love it when older)

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Caned And Punished Smartly

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Time for some hot ass SMACKO….

“Naughty girls and women MUST be punished smartly when they have strayed from the path…my best female disciplining tool? The CANE! Nothing get’s the job down faster and with better results then applying the rattan cane to the bare bottom of some female in need of correction! Many a girl and wife have learned to be a better person with the help of a right good caning!”

Hehehe….sounds like fun, can we watch too?

(Caned and content)

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